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Guido Peter Broich and Cristina Raffaella Cordini Broich

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Loving Nature implies loving outdoors and we are both very fond of piloting. Our passion has been for years the Gyrocopter where we had the fortune to own a Magni M-16 tandem Trainer, a wonderful machine with which we travelled all around Europe by air. Guido has also been member of the steering committee of the Club Italiano Autogiro and with some other pilot friends did set up the Civil Protection Flight Service (Protezione Civile) at Graffignana, a town near Lodi, about 15 years ago! I was wonderful, but with time open air flying became a little bit unconfortable.

Pariry Dogs

Loving nature is also loving animals. All animals are important to us, but a special place has been occupied by Prairie Dogs, which we learned to know just by chance in 2004. There was close to no information on these animals avaibalble in Italy at that time, even veyterinarians happend to mix this rodents up with real dogs. To help spread knowledge on them in 2005 we founded the Italian Association for Prairie Dogs - AICDP. The association became the official ministerial reference for Prairy dogs and Guido Broich served as President until 2015, editing with Prof. Luigi Bonizzi a very comprehensive book (Il Cane della Prateria ed il Citello, Aut.Vari, Limina Mentis Ed., Monza, 394 pp, 2013) and publishing scientific papers with Pelizzone, DVM, D'Acierno DVM et al. (See Bibliography, papers 146 and 153)

Gruppo Sportivo Interforze Torre de' Negri, Pavia

Il Tiro a Segno è sempre stata una passione e Guido Broich è membro fondatore del Gruppo Sportivo Interforze - Torre de Negri - ASD di Pavia, dove ricopre la carica di Vice Presidente. E' iscritto come tiratore agonista CONI.

Croce Rossa Italiana

Cristina has always been deeply involved in helping the less fortunate and her activity in the Italian Red Cross has been going on for a long time now. Over time she held various exectuive positions in the CRI, having served as Provincial Commissioner and Head of the Women's Section. At this time she is active in the local committee of the CRI in Codogno.

St.Ambrosius Fraternity

The Fraternity of St. Ambrosius is a Milan based cultural association for the preservation of Mitteleuropean Heritage and Culture. It's membership is international and it is organized in several local chapters. Guido P.Broich is the acting President.

Oldtimer Cars

One special passion of our's are Oldtimer Cars. I like to do the mechanics and Cristina likes to ride in them! I did a lot of apprenticeship with my mechanic and so today I do most of all servicing jobs on my own, which is lot's of fun and helps to save a lot of money! All cars are fully functional and able to normal service, so every year we do at least one journey of several thousand miles with one of them, generally to Northern Europe. We have been to England, Germany noth, south and east, Czek Republic, Austria and Hungary, but also to Sicily and Rome. It's done in the syle of the years of the car, so no Auobahn but in realxed motion using mostly secondary streets, taking all time it needs. No, snowstorms don't stop us!

Chivalric Orders and Honours

In our modern democratic society we consider chivalric orders and civil honours as a fundamental historic heritage and not as a right to social differences. Our honour system is an importand part of our social history and european heritage and beeing proud to be Europeans and part of this very unique and special heritage of 3500 years of human struggle, thought and conquers, we value tham. This section is rightly dedicated to this. We definitely subscribe the rules of the International Commission of Orders of Chivalry - ICOC and partecipate in the "Istituto Araldico Genealogico Italiano" (IAGI), the "Associazione dei possessori di certificazioni di genealogia, nobiltà ed arme rilasciate dal Corpo dei Cronisti Re d'Armi di Spagna" and the Associazione Insigniti Onorificienze Cavalleresche" (AIOC). Cristina is on the Organizing Committee of the traditional Gala event of Casale Monferrato "Ballo dei Cento e non più Cento".

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