Some news from our two Praeriedogs!

(To see the large pictures, click on them, ca 2Mbyte!)

Our two workaholics, while doing some work on the lower part of the main cage, where tere is the passage to the earth filled digging area, are caught by exhaustion!

But the well known toothwork is always to be considered, so see here our new construction:

Anyway, at this time of the year, we do not like to come out of the our house. See here Bubu as he eats a bananchip:

and shows us what he thinks about aving a walk outside:

Tea hides behind another construction for her teeth, looking out but retracting quickly when somebody comes near to catch her: :

Having a good time in the Meganest!

with a very well hidden entrance:

Question: did you see the nose?

But one has to pay attention at any time!!!

The two monsters have eroded the only place their two-feeted owner could not inspect easily, all above in the last floor of the main cage, above the bathroom:

Now we have to put a remedy, and it will not be easy!!!!